Sell Stories around your Products

"Don't sell the product, sell experiences" - is the marketing mantra that helps your eCommerce store ๐Ÿš€

Play around with Widget Settings
.. & many more customizations

Powerful Editor to Create Stories

Create stories within seconds using our in-built Templates. Or you can use auto-create stories from your product pages.

Features. And then some.

Works on Desktop & Mobile
Your Stories will work on all screens, be it phone, tablet, laptop or even a Desktop
Super Fast Performance
Our Widget code is under 25 Kb! And, super-charged for amazing performance even on less powerful devices
Supports Photos & Video
All web formats of Images and Video are supported. Videos even can be of any length!
Worldwide Fast Access
Media is served over an extensive network of 200+ servers worldwide via CDNs. Reach your customers in seconds
Smart Serve
Images are served in the best formats possible so as to reduce network load without any loss is visual quality.
Extensive Customization
Control Every aspect of the widget so that it looks like a natural part of your store.
AI-based Intelli-Cropping
All story-group's cover photos are Intelli-cropped and compressed so that faces or important aspect of the photo are given priority.
Custom Uploads + Instagram
You can choose to import media from Instagram or upload you own directly to the platform
Conversion Analytics
Understand how the widget performs and help you convert customers